Return of Jesse Sorensen

Last year a young man appeared on the scene at TNA. A young man who showed incredible agility, ring awareness, and downright talent, and that man is none other than Jesse Sorensen. Well, unfortunately young Sorensen’s rise to the top came to what looked like a sudden end when he took a knee to the top of the head from Zema Ion while Ion was diving onto him outside the ring. From the moment he hit the ground everyone knew that something wasn’t right with Sorensen. Well, when the smoke had cleared and the doctors were able to check him out, it was announced that he had broken his neck and had spinal cord edema. This left him temporarily paralyzed. Well, I am so happy to announce that Sorensen has been cleared to fight again.

That’s right, it is only a matter of time before we see him climb back into a TNA ring again and undoubtedly they are going to put him into a feud with the man who broke his neck, Zema Ion. Anyone who watched TNA just weeks after the accident knew that a feud, if Sorensen was able to come back, was inevitable. They did a promo with Ion where he said something to the effect of I would rather be a fruit than a vegetable any day. I will leave the link at the bottom. When I first saw this promo I was almost offended. I felt like it was too soon and just in bad taste, but the more I think about it, it was absolutely amazing writing and great thinking on the part of the TNA creative team. I mean, what better way to bring someone back from a possibly life and career ending injury, than to put him in a feud with someone who has said some truly terrible things. So, this is how I could see it going.

I could see Sorensen coming back and instantly calling Ion out, he comes out, never backing down from a fight and they have words, but nothing more in their first encounter. The next week, Ion is in a match with whoever happens to be the X Division champion at the time, so instead Sorensen fights Kid Kash as his first match back in TNA. If you haven’t seen any of the matches between those two, definitely check them out. In fact, I am going to post one at the bottom. After winning his return match, he grabs a mic and calls out Ion and challenges him for the next pay per view. Ion of course takes him up on it. The next week on Impact Ion fights another one of his old enemies in Austin Aries. After the match, Ion attacks from behind and talks a bunch of smack on the mic about how he is going to break Sorensen’s neck for good at the next PPV.

The following week, the show starts out with Sorensen in the ring pissed about being jumped from behind and calls Ion to come to the ring so they can finish it that night. Well, they get to the ring and are about to fight when Hogan comes out and informs them that the match they are going to have at the next PPV is going to be a cage match and that they both have a match tonight. It is going to be a tag team match pitting Sorensen and RVD vs Ion and the return of Sonjay Dutt, just for the hell of it. Sorensen wins this match with some help from RVD of course and Ion slinks away from the ring with sour grapes.

Finally, the PPV night comes and Sorensen and Ion have their cage match. It goes off without a hitch Sorensen winning a very bloody violent match. Then he grabs the mic and ends the segment by calling out whoever happens to be X Division champ at the time.

Thank you all for reading!



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