Big changes coming soon, Ronda Rousey is Champ and GSP vs. Condit my thoughts.

This might end up being a pretty short column today, but there are three major pieces of news that I want you all to know. First of all is a little house cleaning that I am doing. My buddy Tactix and I have decided to join forces for good. That’s right we have created a website. Well, actually I am just now part of his website, but whatever. Basically what it means is starting Dec. 1st all of my Pro Wrestling fans can go to the new site ( For all of my MMA fans, you can stay right where you are at. I am going to be posting all of the latest news, opinions and other random stuff to this site so please stick around. Well, the wait won’t be long because there are two other MMA stories that I wanted to cover and I am going to do that now.

Okay, so my first story that I wanted to cover was that Dana came right out and handed the women’s 135 pound division belt to Ronda Rousey. Now, I am getting over my frustration with the fact that there is only going to be one weight division for women in the UFC for a while, because I guess you have to start somewhere. But, what I am having a hard time with now is the fact that he just came right out and handed the belt to Ronda. Well, all the champs from the different companies have either gotten to fight for the UFC’s equivalent to their weight class or they have just been made champion of a new weight class if it is created. I think this is cutting the company short. What I would have liked to have seen with the other champs and would still like to see with Rousey is tournaments to decide who becomes champion of a new weight division. If there are not enough people to make a tournament out of it, then you go out there and find some. There are thousands of budding fighters just waiting for their shot. I think it is great for the sport if we start giving some of these guys their shot. I would love to see a one night tournament for the title, but if they want to give the fighters some rest, I would be happy with a multi-show tournament. Don’t get me wrong I think Rousey is a phenomenal fighter and would most likely win the tournament anyway, but I do think it would be cool to actually make her work for it.

My second news story is about GSP’s triumphant return to the octagon. This was a hard match for me to call because both guys are so talented. I mean on one hand you have GSP who is a legend in the sport. His abilities are matched by very few. Then on the other hand you have Carlos Condit, a guy who looks all nice outside the ring, but inside his face more than explains his nickname “Natural Born Killer”. He too is one talented dude and I think the fight on Saturday night showed how talented he is. The fact that GSP busted him wide open in the first round and basically worked him over for the next four rounds, all the while he was giving GSP  a hard time, goes to show you that Condit is no slouch. I am really surprised this fight was not more talked about immediately afterwards. I feel that while yes it is great that GSP is back and that he is continuing his winning ways, Condit should not be forgotten in the whole scheme of things. I mean if you take a look at the pictures of GSP after the fight, he may not have had any open wounds on his head, but he sure was one big bruise. All I am saying is that I think a little bit of credit needs to be given to Condit. Well done good sir and I can’t wait to see where you go from here. I also can’t wait to see who GSP’s next fight will be against. Most fans are calling for a fight between him and Anderson Silva. I think GSP should wait get another couple fights under his belt then go for the “Spider”.

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Return of Jesse Sorensen

Last year a young man appeared on the scene at TNA. A young man who showed incredible agility, ring awareness, and downright talent, and that man is none other than Jesse Sorensen. Well, unfortunately young Sorensen’s rise to the top came to what looked like a sudden end when he took a knee to the top of the head from Zema Ion while Ion was diving onto him outside the ring. From the moment he hit the ground everyone knew that something wasn’t right with Sorensen. Well, when the smoke had cleared and the doctors were able to check him out, it was announced that he had broken his neck and had spinal cord edema. This left him temporarily paralyzed. Well, I am so happy to announce that Sorensen has been cleared to fight again.

That’s right, it is only a matter of time before we see him climb back into a TNA ring again and undoubtedly they are going to put him into a feud with the man who broke his neck, Zema Ion. Anyone who watched TNA just weeks after the accident knew that a feud, if Sorensen was able to come back, was inevitable. They did a promo with Ion where he said something to the effect of I would rather be a fruit than a vegetable any day. I will leave the link at the bottom. When I first saw this promo I was almost offended. I felt like it was too soon and just in bad taste, but the more I think about it, it was absolutely amazing writing and great thinking on the part of the TNA creative team. I mean, what better way to bring someone back from a possibly life and career ending injury, than to put him in a feud with someone who has said some truly terrible things. So, this is how I could see it going.

I could see Sorensen coming back and instantly calling Ion out, he comes out, never backing down from a fight and they have words, but nothing more in their first encounter. The next week, Ion is in a match with whoever happens to be the X Division champion at the time, so instead Sorensen fights Kid Kash as his first match back in TNA. If you haven’t seen any of the matches between those two, definitely check them out. In fact, I am going to post one at the bottom. After winning his return match, he grabs a mic and calls out Ion and challenges him for the next pay per view. Ion of course takes him up on it. The next week on Impact Ion fights another one of his old enemies in Austin Aries. After the match, Ion attacks from behind and talks a bunch of smack on the mic about how he is going to break Sorensen’s neck for good at the next PPV.

The following week, the show starts out with Sorensen in the ring pissed about being jumped from behind and calls Ion to come to the ring so they can finish it that night. Well, they get to the ring and are about to fight when Hogan comes out and informs them that the match they are going to have at the next PPV is going to be a cage match and that they both have a match tonight. It is going to be a tag team match pitting Sorensen and RVD vs Ion and the return of Sonjay Dutt, just for the hell of it. Sorensen wins this match with some help from RVD of course and Ion slinks away from the ring with sour grapes.

Finally, the PPV night comes and Sorensen and Ion have their cage match. It goes off without a hitch Sorensen winning a very bloody violent match. Then he grabs the mic and ends the segment by calling out whoever happens to be X Division champ at the time.

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Strikeforce Closing Opening Doors for Others

Okay, so I know that my next piece was supposed to be the second part of “My Complete Disappointment….” Series, but to be honest, I just don’t have the heart for it. I mean there is only so many ways I can say that it is almost painful to watch WWE. I may pick back up and finish that piece at a later date, but I feel right now for my own sanity, I need to do some fun pieces.

Today, I am going to switch gears for a little bit and talk about something I haven’t talked about in a while, MMA. I have been working and focusing on Pro Wrestling so much that I almost let a couple of really important news stories in the world of MMA slip past me. Strikeforce announced that they are closing up shop in January of 2013. This is crazy news on its own, but the news coming out that one of the first people Dana White scooped up from the almost defunct company was Ronda Rousey. That is right Ronda Rousey became the first female fighter to be under the UFC brand. So, let me give you the break down on how I feel about both of these stories.

The closing of Strikeforce both saddens me and excites me. Let me explain why; for a few years now, Strikeforce has been the place to go for up and coming fighters, or the guys who have done something to get themselves kicked out of the UFC. Most of the ex UFCers are guys who did nothing wrong except going on a bit of a losing streak. They were still popular, just not as successful in the cage. So, when I heard that Strikeforce was going away at the beginning of next year, I was saddened and a little afraid for those guys. But after those emotions subsided a little glint of excitement start to hit me. I mean, think of the possibilities. The closure of Strikeforce opens the doors for guys that UFC loyalist may have never heard of. Guys like Josh Thomson, Mike Kyle and James Terry may and should be given the opportunity to show their talents on MMA’s biggest stage.

As I mentioned earlier, Ronda Rousey became the first woman to join the UFC roster. This flies in the face of past comments by the UFC President Dana White (see video below). This just goes to show that if enough money is up for stake, Dana will go against anything he says. The moment Strikeforce decided to close, Dana was announcing that women will definitely fight in the UFC and he was hiring Rousey.  She will not be alone in the UFC. Soon after the announcement that Rousey was becoming part of the UFC roster Mischa Tate posted on her Twitter that she too is joining the UFC roster. This is explosive news for anyone who is a true fan of MMA. Women can make for just as exciting fights as men.  (See examples below)

The idea of women in the UFC has kind of sparked a little controversy in the Cripple’s household. Should women who fight be made to fight men as well? We are not talking about going out of their weight class or fighting guys who are way bigger than them, but having them fight guys who are in the same weight class and have to meet the same standards. I personally say no, but everyone else in my house says absolutely. What do you think?

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