My thoughts on the PG era of WWE.

A few years back in 2008, the WWE decided that it was going to do a complete 180 degree turn from what it had been previously in the attitude era into a PG rated show. This attitude era was a time that was defined by a more hardcore style of wrestling. It had edgier story lines. I will admit sometime those stories got a little out of hand (Katie Vick), but at least the product was not trying to change violence into something it is not. In a recent article Paul Levesque aka HHH, defended WWE’s decision to go PG. He basically did this by saying that pro wrestling is like a clean stand up routine. That it can be entertaining without being dirty. Well, I do agree that the product that WWE has been putting out for the last few years isn’t the worst I have ever seen. But, I also would look at what they are promoting. Pro wrestling, no matter how planned or trained for, is still violence. In my opinion, by making it look less brutal, it is making it seem more okay for the kids to go out there and try it on their friends and as we have all seen, that usually does not end up well. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we need to see absolute porn on Monday Night Raw, but I think leading pro wrestling in a direction where kids believe they can do these things and not get hurt is down right dangerous. I will also say that the ratings back when Stone Cold Steve Austin was pouring beer on everyone, and DX was telling everyone to “Suck It”. Were far higher than they are today. It is because you could tell that the performers were having fun with their characters and that they didn’t feel so restricted. I think when you have less rules on what the wrestlers can do, they go out there and put on a better show. I will say that the matches they are doing now are more safe and that is all well and good, but they are also more boring. I just don’t think there is a way to successfully make WWE into a PG brand and have the kind of ratings that they did back in the “Attitude Era”. I would love to have everyone’s thoughts so leave me a comment and as always thanks for reading.



A couple of things I should comment on.

I figured since I am partly an MMA blog, there were a couple of things that I should comment on. #1 being the major fight that is coming up this saturday. UFC 148 is headlined (if you didn’t know because you have been living under a rock for a month) by Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II. This fight has been talked about basically since Sonnen almost beat Silva at UFC 117. For those of you who didn’t see it, the short version of what happened was that Sonnen beat up Silva for four and a half rounds unlike he had ever been beaten up before. When all of the sudden, it was like something clicked in his head and he realized he was about to lose. he reached back and grabbed Sonnen’s leg and arm and made him submit with one of the wierdest arm bars that I have ever seen. Well, it became an instant classic and fans immediately started calling for a rematch. Well, fast forward to a couple weeks ago when Sonnen and Silva were doing an interview and some of Sonnen’s infamous smack talk finally broke through the icy facade of Silva. He responded by saying he was going to kick Sonnen’s ass so bad that he would leave the sport. All I know is that this has the potential to be an amazing fight, but on the other hand knowing that it has Anderson Silva in it does mean that it has the potential to be a complete waste of everyone’s time. Of course, Silva is always on thin ice after his few fights where he basically avoided fighting at all cost so maybe he will make it a good one. I guess we will see on Saturday.

Silva vs. Sonnen is not the only fight that I am looking forward to on Saturday. Tito Ortiz is saying farewell to the sport by fighting Forrest Griffin. These two men are known for making every fight interesting. These two are so evenly matched that I have no clue who might win this battle. It will be a bitter sweet deal though, because it will be great seeing these two legends go at it, but it will be kind of sad to see Ortiz fight his last match. I have also heard rumblings that this might be one of Griffin’s final matches, but I have no clue if this is true.

Finally, I wouldn’t be a great fan of the sport if I didn’t mention the injury curse that has fallen upon UFC 149. At last count 9 fighters have had to pull out of fights due to injury. I will post a link at the bottom to an article that will give you full coverage of everyone that has fallen out of the PPV. It is a great thing that UFC has become the giant company that it has because the last company to have this kind of curse fall on an event (Affliction), is no longer in existance. I just hope beyond all hope that these injuries stop soon and that the people that are being put in to replace those out are willing to put on a great show.

Well, that is all for me for now. TFC