How dumb does he think we are.

Okay, I understand that Vince McMahon has changed tactics and instead of staying true to long time fans, he is bowing down to the way children can get their parents to pay for merchandice, but I believe the introduction of Lord Tensai has gone too far. I was so excited when his promos started being aired on wwe, but was greatly disappointed when he pulled his mask off last night and I realized hey thats A-Train. Don’t get me wrong, I loved A-Train when he was around, but bringing in someone that was sooo popular as someone who in storyline isn’t even American, is just dumb. I would have been much happier with A-Train’s return if he would have just come back as A-Train. Not some crazy character. It is just one more instance where Vince and the WWE are disrespecting fans that have been around for longer than the five or six years that their target audience is.


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