King Mo gets fired and the fans get their way!

Strikeforce took a step in the right direction today in the fight against illegal substances in MMA. They fired Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs after a January 7th fight with Lorenz Larkin that he won. It wasn’t just the failing of the drug test that got him fired. After finding out about being suspended and being fined, he took to twitter and ranted against one of the Nevada State Athletic Commission members. What had happened was during questioning, Ms. Pat Lundvall asked King Mo if he had filled out and signed an application and if he could read and understand English. Well, upon leaving the meeting, King Mo went to twitter and called Ms. Lundvall a certain word and said she was racist. It was announced Tuesday that Zuffa, the company that owns UFC and Strikeforce had released King Mo from his contract.

I applaud Zuffa for releasing such a big name from their roster. For many years steroids have been a concern in MMA and yes they have been doing well about cracking down on people taking substances that they know are illegal. King Mo’s excuse for why he did it was because he had bought this concoction at a local nutrition store and didn’t realize what was in it. The Commission came back that it was his responsibility to know what put in his body. Mo seemed alright with the Commission’s decision to fine him $39,000 and suspend him for 9 months (he was probably okay with the suspension because he knows it is going to be a while before he can fight due to a knee injury anyway). But when he got home, he went on his Twitter rant that pushed things over the edge and got him fired. More companies need to take the stand that Zuffa took and maybe their fighters will start thinking again about what they put into their bodies and on Twitter.


In other news, the biggest rematch in UFC history has been announced. That’s right Chael Sonnen will have another crack at Anderson Silva. Their last meeting was in 2010 and Sonnen almost did what nobody has done in a very long time in taking down The Spider. That’s right for four and a half rounds Sonnen was crushing Silva and then it was like something clicked in Silva’s head and he was able to catch Sonnen in a triangle and make him tap. Fans have been begging for this rematch ever since and now it is finally going to happen June 23 in Rio. It is going to be one heck of a fight. We will see if Sonnen was just lucky or if he has found something in Silva that most of his previous opponents haven’t been able to find. We will also get to see if Silva is willing to fight or if Dana will be disappointed like he has been after a few of Silva’s more recent fights.

Well, that’s all I have for now. As always, thanks for reading.



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