King Mo gets fired and the fans get their way!

Strikeforce took a step in the right direction today in the fight against illegal substances in MMA. They fired Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs after a January 7th fight with Lorenz Larkin that he won. It wasn’t just the failing of the drug test that got him fired. After finding out about being suspended and being fined, he took to twitter and ranted against one of the Nevada State Athletic Commission members. What had happened was during questioning, Ms. Pat Lundvall asked King Mo if he had filled out and signed an application and if he could read and understand English. Well, upon leaving the meeting, King Mo went to twitter and called Ms. Lundvall a certain word and said she was racist. It was announced Tuesday that Zuffa, the company that owns UFC and Strikeforce had released King Mo from his contract.

I applaud Zuffa for releasing such a big name from their roster. For many years steroids have been a concern in MMA and yes they have been doing well about cracking down on people taking substances that they know are illegal. King Mo’s excuse for why he did it was because he had bought this concoction at a local nutrition store and didn’t realize what was in it. The Commission came back that it was his responsibility to know what put in his body. Mo seemed alright with the Commission’s decision to fine him $39,000 and suspend him for 9 months (he was probably okay with the suspension because he knows it is going to be a while before he can fight due to a knee injury anyway). But when he got home, he went on his Twitter rant that pushed things over the edge and got him fired. More companies need to take the stand that Zuffa took and maybe their fighters will start thinking again about what they put into their bodies and on Twitter.


In other news, the biggest rematch in UFC history has been announced. That’s right Chael Sonnen will have another crack at Anderson Silva. Their last meeting was in 2010 and Sonnen almost did what nobody has done in a very long time in taking down The Spider. That’s right for four and a half rounds Sonnen was crushing Silva and then it was like something clicked in Silva’s head and he was able to catch Sonnen in a triangle and make him tap. Fans have been begging for this rematch ever since and now it is finally going to happen June 23 in Rio. It is going to be one heck of a fight. We will see if Sonnen was just lucky or if he has found something in Silva that most of his previous opponents haven’t been able to find. We will also get to see if Silva is willing to fight or if Dana will be disappointed like he has been after a few of Silva’s more recent fights.

Well, that’s all I have for now. As always, thanks for reading.



Who made the UFC what it is today?

Today I was searching the web, trying to find something I thought I could write a little bit about and I wanted it to be about MMA. My last few posts have been about Pro Wrestling and while that is one of my passions. I also have a major passion for MMA. Well I fell upon an article about the hard feelings that Ken Shamrock still has against Dana White. He talks about how Dana basically takes all the credit for where the UFC is today. I will post the link to the original article at the bottom of this page. But I totally agree with Jeremy Botter the author of the original article that was posted on He basically says, you know, Dana has a point. If he hadn’t taken notice of the UFC back in the day, where would the sport be right now? I kind of look at MMA as having two phases. First there was the no holds barred MMA. That was entertaining at first if you let it tap into the blood thirsty maniac in you. The second phase is the Ultimate Fighter phase. Now I know there are more things than The Ultimate Fighter that has made MMA popular, but even the least dedicated fan would have to admit that Griffin vs. Bonnar is one of the first fights of this new phase where people really started to say, “wow these guys are beating the crap out of each other and neither looks like they were thrown to the wolves.” This is when people started to realize that there are rules and it is not the street fights that it started it out as.

Who was a major part of putting rules to MMA? Dana White. But, he is not the only reason MMA is where it is today. I can also see Shamrock’s point that maybe he doesn’t get the credit that he deserves. He is a legend in the sport, back when it was the blood sport. He is one of the reasons why the UFC exists. One of the first matches that I remember watching was Shamrock vs. Gracie at I believe UFC 1. That was the match where Gracie choked Shamrock out with his Gi. I was a huge fan of Shamrock, but I had to admit that that was one of the coolest things I had seen.

Pride Fighting Championship is another reason why MMA is where it is today. I mean look at the guys that have come out of Pride! You have guy like Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, Wanderlei Silva and many many more. Guys at companies like Strikeforce and Bellator also are doing their part for the sport. Lets face it, there practically wouldn’t be women in MMA without Strikeforce. Not in the USA at least. I think I have made my point, while Dana has played an invaluble part in where MMA is today, he is by no means the only reason why MMA is where it is today.

Conflicted and Thank You John Cena and The Rock

Okay, here we go again. This is the third time that I have attempted this blog so let’s see how it goes. Oh, Tactix, I don’t know if you want to read this, because I am about to say some things you are hardcore going to disagree with. I guess that is what keeps our conversations interesting. During this blog I am going to explain to you why I am conflicted whenever I watch WWE. Following that I am going to explain the gratitude I have for Rock and Cena after these past couple weeks of Raw and I am even a little conflicted about doing that.

Okay, to start off, last week Raw started out with a long conversation between Shawn Michaels and HHH. Now here I where my first twinge of confliction kicked in. Don’t get me wrong; I have grown up watching these two Michaels always being trusty ol’ “Heartbreak Kid” and HHH going from “Hunter Hearst Helmsley” to “the Cerebral Assassin” and now “HHH”.  I have loved every minute of it. These two men are a huge reason why the Attitude era was so popular and they are so talented, but the irritation comes in when it take 22 minutes for the first bell to ring. That’s right, last week on Raw it took 22 minute for the first match to officially start. Unfortunately TNA was not much better last week. It took roughly 17 minutes for the first match to start. I remember the days where first impressions were important. Well, on a professional wrestling show wouldn’t you want your first impression to be, I don’t know, wrestling? I get the writers were doing something they are actually pretty terrible at, setting up a storyline, but there are better times for it.

My second bout of confliction comes with the placement of the main event in last week’s show. The main event included the top four talents that WWE has: Punk, Bryan, Jericho and Sheamus, yet they decided to place this match smack dab in the middle of the show instead of putting this at the end where you would expect a main event. Instead they had Cena and Rock talking at the end. I will get to them in just a minute. But, first I want to get a little into this pattern that WWE is getting themselves into of disrespecting their talent. First of all, you had the “Future Endeavors” t-shirt debacle, basically making fun of everyone that had been let go by the WWE. Then you had the article put out on around Thanksgiving that was downright insulting calling people turkeys. If they were calling the characters turkeys it would have been one thing, but they went deeper than that and I totally understand why they had a few ex-employees that were a little pissed about their decision. I think having guys like the ones in last week’s main event and put that main event in the middle of the show is just as insulting.

Okay, there are plenty more reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with watching WWE every week, but I don’t stop now, it will go on forever. Instead, I am going to flip over for a quick explanation why I was actually happy to see John Cena and the Rock have their own moments on last week’s and this week’s Monday night raw. If you will remember back to the Attitude Era, one of the reasons it was called that was because of the almost raunchy way the performers were talking to each other. Well, last week the Rock told John Cena that he was going to rip out his throat and make him his bitch. Cena countered that by saying he was going to be the son of a bitch that was going to kick the Rock’s ass. Then this week Cena had a rap session, which when I first heard that he was going to rap, I almost changed the channel because as much as I loved his early raps, I have hated the last few he has done. This one reminded me of the early John Cena raps. It ended with something that I still can’t believe he said. It was something to the effect of “I don’t have balls, but I’ve got something in their place, I’m gonna beat your ass at WrestleMania and stick my nuts in your face.” I think the main reason this kind of stuff make me so happy is because if they keep on it, it will wear people down and it leaves open the possibility of something like the Attitude Era. I know it will more than likely never go back to the way it was during those days of enormous growth, but it would be enough, I think, to save the WWE from the crap hole it is going down now. I have been a fan of WWE for over 23 years and it crushes me to realize that I am slowly losing interest in it. But, to be perfectly honest, these last couple weeks have had enough going for them, it has kept me coming back.