Boom and Who Was Right?

Tonight was the first ever UFC Heavyweight Championship on Network Television and if you remember, I said it was a bad idea for them to give one match an entire hour. Well, who was right? This match lasted less than one round! Less than 5 freaking minutes. That means that the 0ver 55 minutes of the show was filled with lead up, recap, talking and commercials. I get trying to make an impact by putting the Heavyweight Championship on Fox, but wow one fight for an hour? I don’t get who thought that was a great idea.

The other fight that I was disappointed in tonight was shown on Facebook and supposedly somewhere else was the Clay Guida fight. Clay did what he does best, he went out and put on a great fight, but unfortunately the judges did not see it that way. Whenever he loses though, the thought has to go through my head “I hope Dana is in a forgiving mood”. I’m not kidding, if Clay wants to stay with the company for much longer, he is going to have to be a little more consistent, especially with as fire happy as Mr. White can be. I just hope this wasn’t the nail to Guida’s UFC career coffin. The interesting question is what happens now. Does the winner, Ben Henderson, get the title shot or is Dana going to make him prove himself a little more.

So, will UFC have a lengthy relationship with Fox or will this one match hour long show leave a sour taste in their mouth? And will Clay Guida still have a job with the UFC in the next couple days? We all have to watch to find out.


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