First Time for the UFC and Overeem issues a lawsuit. Plus is Clay Guida getting screwed?

Hello everyone! First of all I want to let you all know that right now I am in the middle of a two to three day tag team blog with my good friend Tactix. The link to the first posting is I would love it if you would hop on over and give it a read through. I want to thank Tactix for the opportunity to team up and give my thoughts on the professional wrestling world right now. But there are fish to fry on my own blog so lets jump right in.

This weekend marks a first for UFC. Saturday, Nov. 12th UFC on Fox will have the first ever Heavyweight Championship match live on Network TV. The Champ Cain Velasquez v. Junior Dos Santos. This is going to be a fun fight because both guys are machines. Cain Velasquez’s best bet would be to use his superior takedown ability and ground and pound as much as possible. This is a five round fight so cardio is going to play a major part in this fight. Any championship fight has the heightened chance for the fighters to gas out. Because these are heavyweights, I think there is a bigger chance of this happening, but one of the things Velasquez is known for his his amazing gas tank. Santos is kind of a fast fighter and usually attacks right out of the gate. This is something he may want to stay away from doing on Saturday. He needs not to worry about ending the fight quickly and worry more about what would happen if he can’t. The only thing that I am worried about is that UFC is putting this as the only fight to air on FOX. This may screw them over since they are giving the event a whole hour. I think if UFC wanted to really impress people, they would show fewer prelims on facebook and This show should be pumped full of big names and great fights, not one fight, as great as it may be.

In other news, TMZ is reporting that Alistair Overeem is suing his management team because he made a bad business decision and signed a….let’s just call it a shady contract. Evidently he was supposed to give his managers 35% of his income. Plus he says they are refusing to pay him the bonus he was supposed to earn from joining the UFC. I think the real issue is that he realizes how much he could potentially earn from his fight next month with Brock Lesnar and doesn’t want to give any of that money to his managers.

Finally, I ask the question, “Is Clay Guida getting screwed?” Here is what I am thinking. He has won his last four fights and is still not in the running for the title shot. Plus there has been rumors that the winner of his next match may still not get the title shot. I am wondering why is Clay Guida not getting the push that he so deserves. Yes it is true that he has had his difficulties in the past, but he always has entertaining fights. I am really pulling for the guy and I hope he wins this fight because it would be a shame for him to lose his job.

Well, it’s getting late and that’s all I’ve got today. Thank  you all for reading.- TFC


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