Evans out of a title shot.

Well, what I told you during my last post turned out to be totally wrong. Rashad Evans is not the number one contender for the light heavyweight championship. So, I am no longer pissed. Maybe I am just a jerk, but I have always felt that in combat sports, if you are injured, that should automatically put you lower on the totem pole. It does not necessarily mean that you should be fired (unless you are constantly injured), but I definitely think that if you are injured, you should have to fight your way back to being the number one contender. The same goes for championships. If you are the champ and you sustain an injury that is going to put you out for say 6 months, you should have to vacate the belt and have to fight you way back to it.

In other news, the Maximum Fighting Championship is having a show tonight with the main event being Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou fighting for the light heavyweight championship against Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo. At the weigh ins yesterday, Jimmo was able to piss Sokoudjou off enough to get a little bit of a push out of him. Sokoudjou is one of those fighters who’s inconsistency mixed with his uncontrolled temper are what is keeping him out of the major organizations. On at least two occasions I have seen him continue to either hold a submission or keep hitting a guy after the ref has made it perfectly clear that the fight is over. It is this kind of conduct that true fans hate to see and it makes them lose respect of for the fighter. Sokoudjou has had at least one stint in the UFC but he can not be counted on to win more than one fight in a row. I think the fight between Jimmo and Sokoudjou could be very interesting, especially if Jimmo stays in Sokoudjou’s head.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed!


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