UFC 136 and a look forward to 137.

Last Saturday was UFC 136 Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard. There were no real huge surprises, well one…okay two, but we will get to them in a bit. After almost 4 grueling rounds, Edgar was able to finish Maynard by way of TKO in the fourth round. Its a good thing to, because the beginning of the fight was a little rocky and he had to fight his way from behind. Jose Aldo beat Kenny Florian in an absolute war lasting the entire 5 rounds to remain the Champ. Chael Sonnen beat Brian Stann to bring a close to the biggest fights on the card. Now on to the surprises.
First of all was the fight between Melvin Guillard and Joe Lauzon. Everyone thought this was going to be an epic battle but Guillard was going to come out victorious in the end. Actually both of those statements ended up being wrong. Lauzon choked out Guillard in 47 seconds. The second surprise was the up and coming fighter, Stipe Miocic winning over the veteran Joey Beltran. Ever since Cro Cop, I think the MMA world has been searching for the next Croatian sensation. From the looks of this guy, he could just be it. Yes, I know he isn’t actually from Croatia, but he does have Croatian decent, and he wears the same design on his trunks as Cro Cop. Now if he could just develop that kick to the head.

Now, a look to the future. UFC 137 will be Saturday Oct. 29th. This is another card to get excited about. The main event is George St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit. This is one of those fights that I am extremely excited about for two big reasons, GSP is a very dangerous man, and Carlos Condit is a very dangerous man. This is going to be a classic grappler vs. striker. The only problem here is that though GSP is most comfortable on the ground, he has power in his fists and even though Condit can easily knock you out, he can also make you tap. This will be a fight for the ages in the Welterweight division with the belt up for grabs.

BJ Penn is taking on Nick Diaz for the second huge fight of the night. I have great respect for both of the talent these men have. I also have very little respect for these men as people. I think Diaz can be quite the thug and Penn can be the little rich kid growing up in Hawaii, that he is always trying to act like he is not. But when it comes down to how the fight is going to go, I think Diaz’s best chance will be to stand and throw with Penn. I think Penn is far better on the ground. Unfortunately, I have seen Diaz fight and I know that he might be cocky enough to get in there and take Penn down trying to submit him. As much as it pains me to say this, Penn is a legend in the sport and it is mainly because of his ground game.

The third big fight of the night is Cheick Kongo vs. Matt Mitrione. This one is guaranteed to be a slug fest. Both of these men like to stand and bang. But Matt also has the option to going to the ground and submitting his opponent. Kongo on the other hand is great at taking his opponent down, but he is more into ground and pound than the submission game. Either way, this is going to be a fun fight to watch. I mean, come on its Matt Mitrione. The guy who is The Ultimate fighter said he was in a better place because he talked to his wife and when asked when they were allowed to call home, he said, that it was in his head. I love it. He’s off his rocker.

Mirko “Cro Cop” vs. “Big Country” Roy Nelson is the fourth big fight of the night and besides Cro Cop having more experience and being in better physical condition, this is one of the most closely matched fights of the night. They are both incredibly hard hitters and have knock out power. “Cro Cop” of course has that left kick to the head that I mentioned earlier, but I think both men will come into this fight cautious and it will be more of a smart fight than a brawl.

Those are the biggest fights of the night, of course there are some other great fighters on the card, Brandon Vera and Donald Cerrone and Tyson Griffin being three. But if they play their cards right, they should make it to fight another day. This is slated to be one amazing card and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out. It all goes down, Oct. 29 in Las Vegas.

As always thank you for reading and I will be posting another real soon.-TFC


Evans out of a title shot.

Well, what I told you during my last post turned out to be totally wrong. Rashad Evans is not the number one contender for the light heavyweight championship. So, I am no longer pissed. Maybe I am just a jerk, but I have always felt that in combat sports, if you are injured, that should automatically put you lower on the totem pole. It does not necessarily mean that you should be fired (unless you are constantly injured), but I definitely think that if you are injured, you should have to fight your way back to being the number one contender. The same goes for championships. If you are the champ and you sustain an injury that is going to put you out for say 6 months, you should have to vacate the belt and have to fight you way back to it.

In other news, the Maximum Fighting Championship is having a show tonight with the main event being Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou fighting for the light heavyweight championship against Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo. At the weigh ins yesterday, Jimmo was able to piss Sokoudjou off enough to get a little bit of a push out of him. Sokoudjou is one of those fighters who’s inconsistency mixed with his uncontrolled temper are what is keeping him out of the major organizations. On at least two occasions I have seen him continue to either hold a submission or keep hitting a guy after the ref has made it perfectly clear that the fight is over. It is this kind of conduct that true fans hate to see and it makes them lose respect of for the fighter. Sokoudjou has had at least one stint in the UFC but he can not be counted on to win more than one fight in a row. I think the fight between Jimmo and Sokoudjou could be very interesting, especially if Jimmo stays in Sokoudjou’s head.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed!

A look forward to UFC 136 and othe news.

This Saturday, live on Pay Per View is UFC 136. I am pretty excited to see how some of these fights go down. It is a stacked card with Lightweight Champ Frankie Edgar going up against Gray Maynard for the third time. I love watching these two fight. I think the reason Dana keeps putting these two in the same cage together is that it is a sure-fire way to have an awesome fight. 136 is also going to include fighters like Brian Stann vs. Chael Sonnen. And I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Sonnen has been a lot quieter before this fight than he was before fighting Silva. What this means, I don’t really know. It could mean he has more respect for Stann, or it could mean that he doesn’t see him as a threat, so there is no need to get into his head. Either way, though listening to Sonnen running his lips is entertaining, it is totally disrespectful. The third huge fight to grace 136’s card is Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian. Both men are machines and I would hate to step in the cage with either. There are some other great fights scheduled for the night, but those are the biggest.

In other MMA news, Rashad Evans got pins removed from his hand recently. His doctors and trainers think it is a good idea for him to rest for three weeks before going fully into training. His next fight will be against Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones. This fight brings light to one of the biggest problems with the UFC. I don’t understand how a man can go from being injured to being the number one contender for a championship without any problems. Is it just me, but shouldn’t a fighter, no matter what his standing before the injury, have to fight their way back into contention? But since Evans is one of Dana White’s favorite fighters, the only reason he hasn’t been handed the belt outright, is that it would show everyone how biased Dana can be.

Oh, by the way Brock Lesnar is still scheduled to fight Alistair Overeem on Dec. 30, by my count, that gives him approximately 87 days to get injured or come down with another case of diverticulitis. So he can legitimately drop out of this huge fight. I will be keeping a countdown on this. As always thanks for reading!

UFC got picked up by FOX and other news

I know, I am a little behind the times on this one, but the UFC has been picked up by FOX. This partnership makes me incredibly happy. This should mean more live shows. It has also been announced that the show planned for February in Japan will fall on the same day as a live event in Vegas. Well…kinda, because of the time zone one will actually be on the 25th and the other will be on the 26th.

In other news, one of the most ridiculous and incredibly funny ideas to ever hit MMA is back. XARM. For those of you who don’t know what XARM is, let me explain. First of all two men stand at a podium and lock hands, arm wrestling style. The ref then pulls out duct tape and tapes the two men’s hands together. The whistle is blown and the men can throw elbows, fists, knees and kicks trying to knock their opponent out. And yes, it is as dumb as it sounds. The only fun part about the whole show is watching the poor loser’s body hanging by their hands.

As a little preview for my next post, I will tell you that I am going to be talking about some of the upcoming fights that I am most excited about and start the countdown for Brock Lesnar to back out of his next fight. It won’t be long. But as always, thanks for reading!