Fight For the Troops Coverage

Okay I am getting in on this a little late so I can already tell you that Matt Wiman has beaten Cole Miller. Next should be Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran. In the mean time, I will give you a little update on myself. I haven’t been able to do much with this blog lately because Dec. 30th I had one of the biggest surgeries of my life and after some 25 surgeries, that saying something. I am happy to report that everything turned out okay and I am slowly recovering. I have started back to school and may return to work in a couple weeks. 

Okay, back to business, this fight between these two great strikers Barry (5-2-0) and Beltran (12-4-0) should be very interesting. I love fights between two guys that are going to come out swinging. It is always a mystery whether one of them had been working on their wrestling with full plans to come in and wrestle instead of throw fists. I look for Barry to win. Introductions are happening now. Beltran is interduced first. Barry gives a little wink as he is introduced. Mario Yamasaki is introduced. The first two and half minutes have been pretty uneventful with Barry against the cage while Beltran leans on him trying to take him to the ground where he has a clear disadvantage. After a wicked leg kick from Barry the men went back to the cage where Beltran kneed Barry in the groin and then again finally getting the refs attention and giving Barry a chance to recover. The crowd boos as the bell rings with very little action in this first round.

Another wicked leg kick from Barry to start out the second round. Beltran looks like his leg is already hurting him. Beltran comes out swinging and pushes Barry back to the cage. Then my computer screwed up and now I have to fast forward to the end of the third round.

Barry has been kicking the crap out of that leg. Beltran can barely stand on it. Beltran goes down claiming a poke to the eye and the crowd gets rowdy while the doctor checks on him. As the bell rings Barry kicks Beltran one more time in the leg and down he goes. Now it is up to the judges. PAT BARRY!

Next fight George Roop vs. Mark Hominick. I love the 145 division. Roop comes out fast using his freakish length to strike and move. Hominick is trying to close the gap and boom, he drops Roop. Roops jaw is looking super weak right now and this fight is over already. Joe is pissed that nobody was there to help Roop after getting knocked out the way he did. Yeah he wasn’t totally out, but he was out enough to where someone should have been there to help him at least stand up. So your winner by knock out Mark Hominick. Okay I need someone to clear this up for me is it Jose (ho-sa) or Jose (Jo-sa) Aldo? I always thought it Jose pronounced with an H sound, but that is not the way Joe is pronouncing it.

Next is Matt Mitrione vs. Tim Hague. Both men are very strong strikers. Matt scares me though because he is crazy. Absolultely crazy. I don’t know if it is because of all the hits to his head or whatever, but he is nuts. He makes things interesting though. Hague on the other hand is just violent.

Round one starts with Mitrione throwing some pretty heavy leg kicks. Hague returns with a kick and takes Mitrione up against the fence. Hague goes down from a shove by Mitrione. A push that Rogan calls a punch. Mitrione gets Hague down on the ground and pounds him out. So your winner is Matt Mitrione. As crazy as he is, I do like Matt Mitrione.

Melvin Guillard vs. Evan Dunham. This could be an interesting fight because of the experience that Melvin brings into this fight. This is his 58th fight but he is going up against someone who is undefeated. Right off the bat Dunham takes Guillard down. They are now working on the ground against the cage. Back up on their feet. Guillard knocks Evan down with a left and after a few knees to the head including one possibly illegal knee to the head. It is all over Melvin wins. Your winner Melvin Guillard.

Since I don’t really care about the rest of the fights and I am getting tired of typing. I am going to end this post now. It was a great night of fights and all they are going to show now are some of the undercard fights. Thank you for reading and I will try to get my predictions for UFC 126 up soon.


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